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29/09/2016 La Tribune - Delphine Cuny
27/09/2016 Harvard Business Review - Dov Seidman
26/09/2016 Harvard Business Review - Isaac Getz
16/09/2016 Harvard Business Review - Frédéric Dabi, Jean-François Le Rochais


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A word from the President

Our priority: to develop solutions that create sustainable and permanent value
Our vocation: to be a long-term special partner
Our culture: to promote human values that make our organisation a place for shared adventure

When I created Lipton Fit I believed that, deep inside, everyone has the ability to create, grow and dream. Unfortunately these potentials are understated. Together with our board, I am pursuing the goal of providing fertile soil to bring these dreams to full bloom.
We put this commitment into practice by creating a team without borders.
-    No geographical borders: our consultants and network operate in Paris and throughout the world, from the UK and the US to Switzerland, Russia, Singapore…..
-    No legal borders: we gather clients and partners around common projects led by a common will.
-    No borders linked to position: we include account managers, consulting managers, and associates as one to better mesh network and info sharing, thus allowing everyone involved in the company to participate.
We strive continuously for a perfect balance between economic, social and human realms.
We work in a very demanding world that is in permanent transformation. Our strengths are our ability to adapt to these demands and changes, and to preserve the human aspect that is so important to our company. This approach exists at the individual as well as at the collective level. The firm supports each member of Lipton Fit, whatever the market cycles are. Each of us is author and motor of his or her development, and thus that of the firm’s.
We innovate, create and stay at the cutting edge of market forces that change constantly and without warning, putting all our experience and knowledge - from training and fieldwork - to work to create long-term, sustainable value for all involved.

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