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For more than 10 years, LIPTON FIT has guided its clients through complex projects (activity and IS migrations, project steering). In the field, working side-by-side with our clients and  using technology intelligence actions, we listen…then use our own expertise to place issues in a clear, global context, and develop a custom-made approach capable of addressing any complexity.
Some key examples:
Creation of new entities and activities
Participation in the creation of IXIS IS for Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. LIPTON FIT intervened in two big work projects: The migration of the business side (taking into account the impact of change management) and the de-overlapping of IS.
JP MORGAN and PARIBAS regarding security services activity in the IS department; BNP and Paribas for the “save as you earn scheme” activity and reorganization of the hotline to answer the new entity’s employees’ questions; BNP Paribas and Fortis, specifically in private banking, regarding transfer of clients and change management issues affecting commercial teams (new products/new methods).
Joint venture
Migration project of the entire retail banking equity back office (TITRES) of BNP Paribas to a new common production system through the ESP subsidiary (in joint venture with Crédit Agricole).
Migration from bank to bank
Integration of Banque Transatlantique into the CIC-Crédit Mutuel group through workshops measuring differences between existing functionalities, with the definition of the target organization (BO) on the business side and migration of data from the source system to the target system.
For Crédit Du Nord: restructuration and migration of their credit card department to NXBP’s technical platform.
Audit and inspection with solution recommendation
Reexamination of the processes on the business and IS levels for a major banking group. LIPTON FIT was brought in to treat security flaws within the accounting department. Our initial mission was on the IS level, but we eventually intervened in the entire project (business and IS), working with one of our partners (a UK auditing firm). Our action plan treated the beginning phases of the project (preliminary and feasibility studies) up to the implementation phases (accounting software package was put in place after benchmark studies).

IS consulting
For an international finance bank in Paris (zones Europe/Asia/Americas), LIPTON FIT provided IS consulting regarding their IT transformation program, which included: securitisation of production, implementing better communication on the business side with internal clients, mastering of operational and legal risks, and project management - steering, change management, trainings; 5000 people involved.
IS Improvement and optimization
Our experience in this field began in 2003 with a European retail bank. We worked for the head of Loans, Deposits, and Services, building an internal TMA to mutualise applicative systems used by different activities, and establishing a service contract between the IS department and daily business activities. The improvement of processes (quality plan, annual report) and organisational implementation delivered a 20 % reduction of costs on the maintenance of the apps. This mission reinforced the base of operational quality, creating a new process that would evolve into what is now called “shared service center”.
This innovative approach was introduced during a workshop with Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. We then reproduced this program for Natixis (equity activity) In 2010, building a complete platform around shared services for a BFI regarding securitisation.
Organisational consulting
Defined new organization for the middle and back office departments of a European securities firm. Task: improving customer service quality for higher adaptability/versatility of the front office (institutional clients and asset management firms).
“Within the framework of a consulting mission, interventions take place at a high level in a bank. Consultants participate in the activation of the client’s organization on major projects, within a given time frame and with specific objectives. Given the size of most projects and issues at stake, our consulting work is very visible, and this is highly motivating. Moreover, each mission is a new challenge that leads us to reconsider everything in order to be able to propose custom-made solutions and the best action plan to insure the operation’s success. Thanks to these experiences, the manager enriches his own vision of the external environment and builds a different view from the one he would have gotten through an in-house position”. Bruno – manager .

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